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Kittens Litter S


 DSC 3249

                 mother MELIRI Estee


DSC 0844 

                    father PurrSea Umi no Yume of Meliri




Russian English
Тел. 8913 122 61 51

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Please indicate in the letter the purpose of buying the animal: with the right breeding or non-breeding (as a pet). Kittens leave nursery at the age starting from 12 weeks.
By this time, the kittens will be vaccinated against the major viral diseases, accustomed to the tray with a filler kittens. Upon the sale contract is concluded. Kittens sold "without the right breeding" pedigree issued after confirmation of castration / sterilization.


All cats that are sold with the right breeding should be closed nursery producers buyer. Potential kittens show class to have an expert evaluation before the sale. In the future sale or gift of an animal should be mandatory agreed with the breeder! If the kitten class changing to a lower deposit is refunded in full or you will be offered other kitten declared quality, or discuss other options as agreed.

  •     Reserve - a kitten bail
  •     Provision of cattery - the kitten until a certain time reserved nursery (possible further sale)
  •     Sale - kitten is free for reservation
  •     Sold - kitten went to a new home

You can reserve a kitten reaches half months. 

Kitten considered reserved only after the deposit (deposit), which is 50% of the cost of a kitten. In case of failure of the buyer from buying a kitten - Deposit for a kitten is not returned and is considered compensation for the content of the kitten and missed opportunities to sell it. I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any kitten at any time without explanation.